Proxy Users

Setting up Your Proxy Account

Once the student has established a proxy, they can confirm which emails have been sent from the student to their proxy. This is done by having the student check the communications tab on their proxy account. This will allow the student to view activity and emails related to their proxy profile.

  1. Have the student sign in to using their NMSU credentials.
  2. Click on the STUDENT tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the STUDENT PROXY MANAGEMENT bullet point, towards the bottom of the page.
  4. You should see your Proxy's name.  Click on the pencil icon under their name.
  5. At the top of the page, you should see 3 tabs:
    1. PROXY INFORMATION - This tab shows the different records that the student has allowed their proxy to view.
    2. HISTORY - This tab shows the dates & times of when a proxy was viewing student records, as well as what pages the proxy was viewing.
    3. COMMUNICATION - This tab shows a log of all the emails the proxy has received.

NMSU Students may choose to provide “proxy access” to parents/guardians/spouses as desired by going online to Once the student provides access, the Proxy needs to set up an account in order to access the student information.

While the student completes the setup process, the proxy will be receiving emails instructing them on the next steps needed in order to finalize their access. One of these emails will contain a time-sensitive link. Thus, it is important that the proxy completes the follow up steps in a timely manner, once the student has initiated the process.

Please note: In order for a proxy to make a payment on a student account, the proxy will need to register as a Financial Management Payer.  This process is initiated by the student following this separate set of instructions.

Student User Prerequisite:

  1. The student sets you up as a proxy by following these simple instructions: Student User Instructions for Setting up a Proxy.

Proxy User Instructions:

  • If this is your first time being set up as a proxy, you will receive 3 emails. The emails may not arrive in order, so please see the instructions below to read them in the correct sequence.
  • Please note, if you are the proxy for more than one student, or if you've been a proxy in the past, you may only receive 2 emails, as the first email only gets sent out to each proxy once.
  1. Here is a brief description of the emails, followed by the instructions needed to set yourself up as a proxy.
    1. The first email (Subject line: New proxy identity) provides a one-time-use URL, needed to set up your access. Please note that this URL is only used during this initial step. After successful registration as a proxy, the third email contains a link for future proxy login.
    2. The second email (Subject line: New proxy confirmation) provides a unique temporary password needed to access the URL from the first email.
    3. The third email (Subject line: NMSU Proxy Access Assigned) provides a permanent URL needed to access the proxy login page from this point forward. Use the URL in this email only after successfully registering as a proxy in steps a & b.  Please save this email or bookmark the website for future reference.
  2. Follow these instructions in order to set up your proxy access.
    1. Click on the one-time-use URL provided in the first email.
    2. Use the temporary password provided in the 2nd email. Click Submit.
    3. Type your email address. Confirm that it is correct.
    4. For the Old Password, use the temporary password that was provided in the 2nd email.
    5. Create your New Password.
    6. Re-enter your New Password to confirm that it is correct.
  3. You will be asked to enter your username and password. Be sure to use your full email address in the username. The password is the new password that you just created. Click Sign In.
  4. The final step in the set up will bring you to the Proxy Access Home.
    1. You should see the following on your screen. If you are a proxy for more than one student, their names should also show up here after successful registration
      1. Proxy Personal Information- This is your personal proxy information, such as your name and email address.
      2. I am a proxy for [student name]- This contains a drop-down menu with a list of the content that your student has authorized you to view.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the content that you wish to view.
  6. To exit Proxy Access, click on the Profile tab on the top right corner of your screen and then Sign Out.

** To return to Proxy Access for all future use, go to Proxy Login. When signing in, be sure to use your full email address as your username.

Would you like to know more?  Visit our Proxy FAQs page.

For a printable version of these instructions with screenshots, click here.