Payment Plan FAQs

1) How do I sign up for, or view, a Payment Plan?

  • For students: Navigate to Pay NMSU. Log in with your myNMSU credentials.
  • For proxies: Navigate to Proxy Access. Log in with the E-mail address that was set up for proxy access, and enter the password.  Please note, the prompt states "PIN" but this is a password.  Once signed in, click on the tab with the student’s name, and then select "Pay NMSU".

Click HERE for detailed instructions.

2) What is the Payment Plan enrollment deadline?  Once the deadline has passed, can I still enroll in the plan?

The Payment Plan for Summer 2024 will be available beginning May 16, 2024; the last day to enroll is June 6, 2024. No, once the deadline to enroll has passed, the Payment Plan does not allow for late enrollment.

3) Is there a fee for enrolling in a Payment Plan?

There is no application fee IF you enroll in the Payment Plan by the deadline. Students who enroll in the Payment Plan but do not make their monthly payment will be charged a $10.00 Late Fee for each missing, partial, or late payment. 

However, if your balance is > $200 on the Payment Plan enrollment deadline date and you choose not to enroll in the Payment Plan, your student account will be assessed a $25.00 Account Maintenance Fee.  You will also be charged a .5% Account Balance Service Fee for any monthly outstanding balance > $200.   

3a) When is the $25.00 Account Maintenance Fee and the .5% Account Balance Service Fee assessed?  If I sign up for the Payment Plan after than date, is the Account Maintenance Fee and the Account Balance Service Fee returned?

For those that chose not to enroll in the Payment Plan for the Spring 2024 semester, the $25.00 Account Maintenance Fee is charged the day after the Payment Plan closes (or the next business day). The .5% Account Balance Service Fee will be assessed on 06/15/24 and 07/15/24. The Payment Plan cannot be re-opened for enrollment.

4) Must I re-enroll in the NMSU Payment Plan each semester?

Yes. Each plan is semester specific.

5) Are the NMSU Payment Plan due dates and enrollment fees different for Mini-Semester 2 sessions and Summer Session 2 because classes start later in the semester?

No, mini-semester 2 sessions follow the same Payment Plan requirements. If you sign up for a mini-semester 2 session after the Payment Plan enrollment deadline, your remaining payments will adjust to reflect any increases in tuition and fee charges.

6) What if I am a sponsored student and my sponsorship does not come in on-time to avoid dis-enrollment from my NMSU courses?

You are responsible for ensuring your financial guarantee is turned in to the Third Party Coordinator no later than the first day of classes. Should you need further assistance with this process, please contact the third party liaison at

7) Why do my Payment Plan amounts keep changing?

Whenever you make a change to your schedule (adding/dropping classes), the Payment Plan will adjust your payments accordingly. Additionally, if you have funding placed on your account late in the semester your Payment Plan amount due will decrease.

8) Can I cancel my Payment Plan?

No. Should you fail to make a scheduled payment, holds will be placed on your account preventing future registration, the ability to obtain your transcripts, and, possibly, the ability to receive your diploma.

9) What is the cost of the monthly Payment Plan?

This varies based on your schedule of classes, housing, bookstore, health center, and other charges on your account along with any potential funding you may receive to assist in covering your charges.

10) Will I get notices about my Payment Plan?

Yes, in addition to the regular eBill you receive, you will also receive notices to remind you of your upcoming payments.

11) Who can I contact with questions about my Payment Plan?

You can contact the staff overseeing the Payment Plan via email:

12) Is there a minimum account balance required to enroll in a Payment Plan?

Yes, all accounts with a balance of $200 or more must enroll in a Payment Plan.

13) Do I have any other options other than paying in full or enrolling in the payment plan?

The only other options are outside funding sources such as financial aid, scholarships, or a third party sponsorship. If the funding you anticipate does not fully cover your entire account balance, you are still required to enroll in the Payment Plan.

14) I would like to change the due dates of my payment plan. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, changing the due dates is not an option.

15) Does someone (not the student) who is set up as a proxy receive email reminders?

No, they will only receive the Banner-generated billing statement.

16) Can I cancel the AutoPay associated with the Payment Plan.

Yes, the instructions are here: How-to-Cancel-the-Payment-Plan-AutoPay.pdf

17) Is there a communication list that I can get on to receive reminders about the Payment Plan when it opens for the semester?

All students are notified every semester via email regarding Payment Plan enrollment and deadline dates.  The Payment Plan is also advertised in Canvas prior to deadline dates.

18) What is the prior semester balance requirement needed to enroll in the current semester?

Enrollment in the current semester at New Mexico State University requires the prior semester balance to be under $600 at time of course registration for subsequent semesters.