Proxy Access

NMSU Students may provide “proxy access” to parents/guardians/spouses as desired by going online at and clicking on the Student tab. Students can choose what information their proxies may have access to. For example, students may wish their proxy to be able to view their NMSU Financial Aid history and status, Registration, Student Account or Student Records. By setting up proxy access, the student permits their proxy to view such information online, and allows their proxy to have discussions about such information with University staff members.

Please note: In order for a proxy to make a payment on a student account, the proxy will need to register as a Payer in Transact. This process is initiated by the student following this separate set of instructions.

Student User Login

Student access to add or modify access for parents /guardians/spouse/friends to view myNMSU information.

Proxy User Login

Parent / Guardian / Spouse / Friend access to student’s myNMSU account information. Proper access must be assigned by each individual student.