University Accounts Receivable Collections Office provides follow up on student accounts, which have been identified as delinquent.

Accounts are identified and attempts are made to contact students in an effort to mutually establish a repayment plan reasonable for both the student and the University.  Correspondence, telephone calls and electronic messages are used to contact individuals based on the student system information.  Credit report information may also be used in some cases.

The dates of when different collection actions may occur are based on individual account situations.   In the event payments on accounts are not received on a regularly scheduled basis from the customer, accounts may be assigned to an external collection agency where the student will be liable for any and all collection fees, and/or attorney fees should any arise through collection efforts.

Once an account is turned over to a collection agency, a collection fee is immediately assessed and added to the balance. Payments must be made directly to the collection agency – NMSU will not accept payment directly. Failure to respond to the collection agency and make the required payments may result in additional legal and service fees. Further, the account may be reported to the appropriate credit bureaus, which will negatively impact the ability to obtain future credit.

After turning over an account to a collection agency, a UAR Collection hold is placed on the account preventing enrollment, obtaining transcripts, or charging other services to the account. The hold will also prevent NMSU billing statements from being mailed to the student and will stop the addition of service charges on the past due balance.

Upon payment-in-full with a collection agency, a student may immediately re-enroll at NMSU, however, certain privileges such as on-campus housing, meal plans, bookstore charge accounts, and other auxiliary accommodations may not be immediately available for student use.