Understanding Tuition & Fees

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Tuition is approved by the NMSU Board of Regents annually in April for the next academic year. Approved rates become effective the following Summer, Fall, and Spring.

General assessment information:
• Tuition is assessed at each campus site independently.
• Undergraduate tuition is assessed to undergraduate, degree-seeking.
• Graduate tuition is assessed to students classified as Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, and Non-degree.

Required Fees

Assessed to all students on a per-credit-hour basis and vary in price by course campus enrolled. Required Fees are reviewed annually by the Student Fee Review Board which is comprised of student, faculty and staff representatives and are approved annually by the NMSU Board of Regents; occurring in April where rates become effective the following Summer, Fall, and Spring terms.

Programs supported by Required Student Fees include areas such as Peer Counseling, campus tutoring, information technology, campus transit, ASNMSU sponsored activities, as well as the operation of student related functions.

Payment of these by full-time enrolled students also allows the use of campus facilities or attendance at events at a free or reduced cost.

Course Delivery Fees

Distance Education at New Mexico State University refers to the formal process of delivering instruction via electronic or other media regardless of the location of the student or the instructor. This can be synchronous or asynchronous and can include face-to-face interaction. This definition doesn’t apply to dual credit courses.

A.  Distance Education Course Criteria:  Courses that meet any one of the following criteria are considered distance education courses.

  1. Online courses with greater than or equal to 50% web-based technologies;
  2. Offsite courses that are face-to-face, with or without web-based technologies, offered at a location other than the campus of program origin*, except a field methods course for a non-DE program;
  3. Courses that use interactive television (ITV) to deliver instruction.

* Dual Credit courses will not be assessed the Course Delivery Fee.

B. Distance Education Program Criteria:  A degree, certification, or other credential where more than 50% of the program is delivered via off-site, web-based technologies, or other media will be considered a Distance Education Program.

Campus of InstructionFee Description

Course Fees

Assessed in addition to tuition and required fees for specific courses where additional funding is necessary for course instruction.

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Additional Fees as Applicable

Aggie Welcome and Orientation Fee
ASNMSU Fee ($33.50 in Fall and Spring for 1-11 credit hour enrollment)
ASNMSU Fee ($12.40 in Summer for 1-8 credit hour enrollment)
Certificate Degree Fee
Degree Application Fee (Undergraduate)
Degree Application Fee (Graduate)
Degree Application Fee - Late Filing
Distance Education Course Delivery Fee
Engineering Tech Fee (ENGR College Enrolled, 12+ credits)
Graduate Admission Application Fee
Late Registration Fee
Return Item Fee (per item)
Payment Plan Fee ($10 for each month current amount due is not paid by the 15th of the month)

Additional fees may apply depending on classification, number of credits enrolled, specific course delivery methods and other course specific requirements. It is recommended that students review their Class Schedule and Statement of Account immediately following registration for a full detail of all tuition and fee charges assessed.