How to Access Your 1098-T

Students should follow these steps to view their 1098-T. This form contains important tax information that is being furnished to the IRS.

  1. Students should log into myNMSU with their NMSU User Name and Password.
  2. Select Student Tab.
  3. Select Student Account from Quick Links.
  4. Select Tax Form 1098T.
  5. Select the tax year for the 1098-T you would like to view and Submit.
    Form 1098-T will appear on the webpage.
  6. To email your 1098-T click on the Email 1098-T button.  A message will appear confirming that your 1098-T was successfully sent to your NMSU email.
    To print your 1098-T click on the Print 1098-T button.  A Printer popup window will appear.  Choose the printer and then OK.

Every year, NMSU prepares and sends to applicable students a Tax Form 1098-T Tuition Statement to assist them in determining eligibility for educational tax credits. It is a tax statement that provides a student with the amount of payments made toward Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses (QTRE) on their student account during the tax (calendar) year. The 1098-T form is an informational document and does not need to be attached to your tax return. While a Form 1098-T may be issued, a student’s personal financial records serve as official supporting documentation for a federal tax return. There is no IRS requirement that you claim a tuition and fees deduction or an education credit.

Please consult your tax advisor for further tax questions or advice.

Students can follow these simple instructions to view their 1098-T.