Proxy User:

How to Make an Online Payment

Proxy Users can follow these steps to make an online payment:

Student User Prerequisite Steps:

  1. Ensure that Proxy Access has been completed by the student.
  2. Access to Pay NMSU must be granted in order to make an online payment.

Proxy User Instructions:

  1. Log into with E-mail Address and PIN.
  2. Select the tab for the student.
  3. Select Pay NMSU.
  4. Enter payment amount.
  5. Select Checkout.
  6. Select either credit card or electronic check information.
  7. Select Continue Checkout.
  8. Enter credit card or electronic check information.
  9. Select Continue Checkout.
  10. Confirm that the information is correct and select Submit Payment.
  11. View and print your payment confirmation (optional).

You will receive an email confirming your payment.

Follow these simple instructions to make an online payment.