Student Users:

Instructions for Setting up a Proxy User

  1. Log into myNMSU with NMSU User Name and Password.
  2. Click on Banner Self Service (located under Quick Links)
  3. Click the Proxy Access Tab and read the instructions.
  4. Click on Add Proxy.
  5. Read the Authorization for Information Release and Online Account Access.
  6. Click the box to accept the waiver.
    Note: If the waiver is not accepted a proxy cannot be added.
  7. Click on Click here to add proxy.
  8. Read the instructions and type in the required information including a valid email address for the proxy.  This is not your email address.   This email address will allow the proxy to receive communications necessary to finalize the setup of their account access.
  9. Once you have entered the required information, click on Add Proxy again.
  10. Continue the process by expanding the Proxy.
  11. Read the instructions on the Profile tab.
  12. Complete the required fields:
    Relationship – required: select myNMSU PROXY from the dropdown menu
    Description – optional: enter a personal note about the proxy (wife, father, etc.)
    Start Date – defaults to today’s date
    Stop Date – defaults to 5 years out
    Note: Start/Stop Dates allow you the ability to control the duration your proxy is able to view your information. The Stop Date can be as far into the future as you would like it to be, however, access is deactivated when you are no longer with NMSU.
  13. Go to the Authorization tab and read the instructions. Select the check boxes next to the information you wish for your proxy to be able to view. If you check the top box, all boxes will be checked for you.  However, you can also individually select them if you do not wish for all information to be viewed by the proxy.  Be sure to click the email authorizations link if you want to email the authorizations you have granted to your proxy.
  14. You have now completed the set up for your proxy to have view access!

PLEASE NOTE:   While you are completing the above steps, your proxy will be receiving emails instructing them on their next steps to finalize their access. Thus, it is important that you complete all steps in sequence at one time to ensure your proxy doesn’t experience any issues with finalizing their access.

Would you like to know more?  Visit our Proxy FAQs page.

Students can follow these simple instructions for setting up a Proxy User.