Proxy Users:

Setting up Your Proxy Account

NMSU Students may provide “proxy access” to parents/guardians/spouses/friends as desired by going online at myNMSU. Once the student provides access, the Proxy needs to set up an account in order to access the student’s information.

Student User Prerequisite:

  1. The student sets you up as a proxy by following these simple instructions: Student User Instructions for Setting up a Proxy.

Proxy User Instructions:

  1. You will then receive 2 emails:
    1. The first provides instructions and a one-time link and password needed to set up your access. Subject: NMSU Proxy Access Account Setup – READ THIS FIRST
    2. The second provides the login link to access the student’s information once you establish your account. Subject: NMSU Proxy Access Assigned
  2. Follow the instructions in the first email to set up your account.
    1. Click on the Action Link provided within your email message.
    2. Copy or type the Action Password that has also been provided within your email message. Click Submit.
    3. Type your email address.
    4. For the Old PIN, use the Action Password (provided within your email message).
    5. Type and validate your new PIN.
    6. Click Save to complete the initial setup.
  3. The final step in the set up will bring you to the Proxy Access Home.
  4. Read the instructions for important information.
  5. You should now see multiple tabs:
  • Profile (Your Banner Web proxy information)
  • Student Name
Note: If you have more than one student granting you access, make sure they each use the same email. You will see a tab for each student that authorizes access for you.
  1. Click on the student’s name to see the list of web page links the student has authorized.
  2. Click on a link to view the student’s information.
  3. Each link will open a new browser window with this message ***You are viewing Student’s Name information***. When you are finished viewing the information close or exit the browser window.
  4. To exit Proxy Access, click on the Profile tab and then Exit at the top of the page.

** To return to Proxy Access go to

Follow these simple instructions for setting up a Proxy Account.