How to Enroll in Auto-Pay

Students should follow these steps to enroll in AutoPay to set up recurring payments to pay their NMSU student account balance.

  1. Log into myNMSU at with your myNMSU username and password

  2. Select the Student Tab.

  3. Select Pay NMSU/Payment Plan under Banner Self Service.

  4. Select Auto Pay.

  5. Select View auto pay options

  6. Select NMSU Auto Payment or Family Housing Auto Pmt.  (Note: If an AutoPay for a payment plan is desired, select the link that states, "To sign up for or manage auto pay for a payment plan view payment plan details.")

  7. Enter the details of the AutoPay, i.e. amount, first scheduled payment, frequency, number of payments.

  8. Review and agree to the AutoPay Terms and Conditions by checking the checkbox, then select Continue.

  9. Select Payment method then select Continue.

  10. Enter the required banking or debit/credit card information and select Continue.

  11. Review for accuracy, and then select Complete.

  12. Select Submit to complete the application for AutoPay.

  13. You should receive a screen message stating the AutoPay has been successfully set up.

  14. Select Close to close the page.

  15. Select Sign Out twice to sign out, and then select Return.