Course Specific Fees – Summer 2018

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

Alamogordo25398OEEM 101A8020FLAT
Alamogordo21532P E 102A4015FLAT
Alamogordo21533P E 102A6015FLAT
Alamogordo21536P E 202A4015FLAT
Alamogordo21537P E 202A6015FLAT
Carlsbad22740BIOL 111GC0125FLAT
Carlsbad25379CHEM 211C0125FLAT
Carlsbad23477NA 101C5150FLAT
Carlsbad23478NA 101C5250FLAT
Carlsbad22774NURS 146C0180FLAT
Carlsbad23480NURS 155C5150FLAT
Carlsbad23494WELD 105C1150FLAT
Carlsbad25146WELD 125C6150FLAT
Dona Ana24770ART 275D2025FLAT
Dona Ana25165ART 294D0125FLAT
Dona Ana21403DHYG 132D01400FLAT
Dona Ana22571DMS 124D30175FLAT
Dona Ana23857NA 104D01150FLAT
Dona Ana25714NURS 134D01250FLAT
Dona Ana25715NURS 134D1A250FLAT
Las Cruces25562A S 103M2078FLAT
Las Cruces24264ANTH 388M20800FLAT
Las Cruces20277ANTH 488M20800FLAT
Las Cruces20278ANTH 522M20800FLAT
Las Cruces25431ART 394M2014CRED
Las Cruces25432ART 494M208CRED
Las Cruces25057B A 590M80250CRED
Las Cruces25031B A 590M81250CRED
Las Cruces24303BCIS 502M80250CRED
Las Cruces25351BCIS 502M81250CRED
Las Cruces25413CHEM 111GM2010FLAT
Las Cruces25414CHEM 112GM3010FLAT
Las Cruces25436CMI 495M0115CRED
Las Cruces23934CMI 495M2015CRED
Las Cruces24252CMI 495M3015CRED
Las Cruces24806CMI 495M4015CRED
Las Cruces23697HNDS 560M01600FLAT
Las Cruces25373MGT 512M80250CRED
Las Cruces25530MGT 512M81250CRED
Las Cruces21933MGT 590M80250CRED
Las Cruces24938NURS 294M01100FLAT
Las Cruces25483NURS 294M02100FLAT
Las Cruces24945NURS 398M01100FLAT
Las Cruces24946NURS 398M02100FLAT
Las Cruces24384NURS 467M20100FLAT
Las Cruces23936NURS 467M21100FLAT
Las Cruces24385NURS 468M30100FLAT
Las Cruces24508NURS 468M31100FLAT
Las Cruces24279NURS 664M70100FLAT
Las Cruces24880NURS 673M70100FLAT
Las Cruces20532SP M 271M2035FLAT