Course Specific Fees – Summer 2016

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat Fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

Alamogordo21355ART 275A40$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21356ART 276A40$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21357ART 294A40$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo24403CHEM 110GA60$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo24583E T 284A30$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo24591OEBM 241A30$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21532P E 102A40$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21533P E 102A60$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21536P E 202A40$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21537P E 202A60$15.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad22742BIOL 111GLC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23782CHEM 211C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23477NA 101C51$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23478NA 101C52$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad24452NA 101C53$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad22774NURS 146C01$80.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23480NURS 155C51$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad24451NURS 155C01$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad24366PHYS 215GLC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23494WELD 105C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23490WELD 110C01$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad24009WELD 170C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad23820WELD 295C11$50.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana22571DMS 124D30$175.00Flat Fee
Grants24465AUTO 255G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants24469CHEM 110GG01$25.00Flat Fee
Grants23680OEEM 101G01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24264ANTH 388M20$800.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20277ANTH 488M20$800.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20278ANTH 522M20$800.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21915B A 590M80$23.00Per Credit
Las Cruces24303BCIS 502M80$250.00Per Credit
Las Cruces20476BIOL 211GM30$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24396BIOL 311 LM20$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24397BIOL 311 LM21$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20329CHEM 111GM20$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20330CHEM 112GM30$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces23123CMI 398M20$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces24382CMI 398M21$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23218CMI 400M20$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23934CMI 495M20$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces24252CMI 495M30$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces24311FIN 503M80$250.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21933MGT 590M80$23.00Per Credit
Las Cruces24512NURS 380M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24516NURS 398M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces23936NURS 467M21$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24384NURS 467M20$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces23937NURS 468M32$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24385NURS 468M30$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24508NURS 468M31$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24279NURS 664M70$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20532SP M 271M20$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24479SP M 330M30$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24480SP M 330M31$25.00Flat Fee