Course Specific Fees – Summer 2015

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat Fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

Alamogordo23968ART 252A60Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo23969ART 260A60Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo23970ART 261A60Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo23971ART 262A60Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo21355ART 275A40Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo21356ART 276A40Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo21357ART 294A40Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo23972ART 294A60Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo21359AUTO 103A01Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo21360AUTO 103A02Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo23991CHEM 110GA40Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo24059E T 182A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo24004NA 101A01Flat Fee225.00
Alamogordo23424OEEM 101A80Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo24005OEEM 101A81Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo21532P E 102A40Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo21533P E 102A60Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo21536P E 202A40Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo21537P E 202A60Flat Fee15.00
Carlsbad22740BIOL 111GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad21585BIOL 221C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad21587BIOL 225C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad24117BIOL 225C72Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad24166BIOL 225C73Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad21592BIOL 226C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad22743BIOL 226C71Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad24157BIOL 226C72Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad22747CHEM 110GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad23782CHEM 211C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad23477NA 101C51Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23478NA 101C52Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad22774NURS 146C01Flat Fee80.00
Carlsbad23480NURS 155C51Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23709NURS 212C61Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23489WELD 100C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23494WELD 105C01Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23490WELD 110C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23733WELD 115C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23721WELD 150C61Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad23820WELD 295C01Flat Fee50.00
Dona Ana21403DHYG 132D01Flat Fee400.00
Dona Ana22571DMS 124D30Flat Fee175.00
Dona Ana23857NA 104D01Flat Fee150.00
Dona Ana21428RESP 224D20Flat Fee120.00
Grants23996ART 285G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants22889AUTO 255G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants23680OEEM 101G01Flat Fee10.00
Grants23997WELD 180G01Flat Fee50.00
Las Cruces22831ACCT 503M80Per Credit23.00
Las Cruces20277ANTH 488M20Flat Fee1200.00
Las Cruces20278ANTH 522M20Flat Fee1200.00
Las Cruces24014ART 250M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces23443ART 285M20Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces24015ART 350M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces23444ART 385M20Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces24016ART 450M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces23445ART 485M20Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces21915B A 590M80Per Credit23.00
Las Cruces23900CHEM 110GM30Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces20329CHEM 111GM20Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces20330CHEM 112GM30Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces23563CMI 397M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces23085CMI 398M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces23123CMI 398M20Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces22981CMI 400M21Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces23218CMI 400M20Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces24113CMI 400M22Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces23934CMI 495M20Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces20682HNDS 363M20Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces20006HRTM 363M20Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces21933MGT 590M80Per Credit23.00
Las Cruces22833MKTG 480M20Flat Fee535.00
Las Cruces22832MKTG 503M80Per Credit23.00
Las Cruces23393NURS 361M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces23365NURS 410M01Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces23935NURS 466M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces23936NURS 467M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces23937NURS 468M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces23938NURS 468M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces23939NURS 468M71Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces23473NURS 470M01Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces22591NURS 472M01Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces22495NURS 479M01Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces23371NURS 673M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces20532SP M 271M20Flat Fee35.00