Course Specific Fees – Spring 2017

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

Alamogordo20550ART 150A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20558ART 151A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28469ART 156A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34326ART 160A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30648ART 161A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35691ART 163A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20588ART 252A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28604ART 260A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28605ART 261A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28606ART 262A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28607ART 265A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30050ART 267A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34327ART 269A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20603ART 272A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20609ART 275A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20617ART 276A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20621ART 294A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo31117ART 294A02$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34095AUTO 122A01$100.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34096AUTO 124A01$100.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35784AUTO 205A80$100.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35785AUTO 206A80$100.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35786AUTO 208A80$100.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo23530BIOL 101GLA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo32701BIOL 111GLA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30553BIOL 211GLA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo23606BIOL 221 LA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo23609BIOL 225A01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34018BIOL 226A01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34019BIOL 263A01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo23351CHEM 110GA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35700CHEM 110GA02$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo32710CHEM 111GA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo23379CHEM 112GA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20760CMT 115A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28663CMT 190A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo33946CMT 223A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20804E T 104A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20805E T 120A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28673E T 153A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34690E T 155A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20853E T 182A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20870E T 184A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo31907E T 230A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34691E T 256A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28676E T 262A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35747E T 273A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20887E T 276A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo20891E T 283A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo28677E T 284A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo23401GEOL 111GA01$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34114NA 101A01$210.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34116NA 110A01$152.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo34115NA 115A01$135.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21091OEBM 141A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo32685OEBM 200A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo36252OEBM 200A30$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo29520OEBM 241A01$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo36029OEEM 101A83$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo36030OEEM 101A84$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo36031OEEM 101A85$20.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo36139OEEM 120A12$315.50Flat Fee
Alamogordo32744OEEM 120 LA01$230.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo36140OEEM 120 LA12$230.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo29276OEEM 218A80$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35770OEEM 219A80$10.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35755OEET 252A01$50.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30039OEPT 120A01$40.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21954P E 102A01$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30504P E 102A02$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo21965P E 202A01$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30505P E 202A02$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35759P E 204A01$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo35758P E 206A01$15.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo26048WELD 102A01$150.00Flat Fee
Alamogordo30872WELD 140A01$150.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35658ART 150C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35161ASTR 105GC11$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35162ASTR 105GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35168BIOL 101GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26069BIOL 111GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35166BIOL 111GC02$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35157BIOL 211GC11$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad36379BIOL 211GC21$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26074BIOL 221C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26077BIOL 225C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26081BIOL 226C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26084BIOL 226C81$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26086BIOL 226C11$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35845BOT 102C22$15.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad36205BOT 102C24$15.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26087CHEM 110GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26761CHEM 110GC11$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35164CHEM 111GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26089CHEM 112GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad27699CMT 130C51$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad31270CMT 142C51$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad32915CMT 195C51$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad32579CMT 205C51$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad34178CMT 240C51$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad36250CMT 240C61$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad33277CMT 295C11$40.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad34515E E 162C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35163E E 280C11$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad33953E S 110GC11$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad33974ENGR 100C01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad34789NA 101C54$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad34870NA 101C55$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35699NA 101C24$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26284NURS 155C01$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26302NURS 157C01$57.50Flat Fee
Carlsbad26307NURS 210C01$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26309NURS 212C01$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26310NURS 256C01$80.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35159PHYS 215GC01$25.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad31179WELD 105C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26129WELD 110C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad26130WELD 115C41$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad35229WELD 120C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad31505WELD 150C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad34217WELD 180C11$50.00Flat Fee
Carlsbad31362WELD 295C11$50.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25553DHYG 122D01$400.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25557DHYG 222D01$400.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana28813DMS 120D01$175.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana28814DMS 122D01$175.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana31913NA 104D01$150.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana31916NA 104D04$150.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25672NURS 136D01$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25678NURS 147D01$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25685NURS 149D1A$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25686NURS 149D1B$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25696NURS 226D01$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25703NURS 236D01$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25704NURS 236D1A$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana32712NURS 236D1B$250.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25406RESP 120D01$120.00Flat Fee
Dona Ana25412RESP 240D01$120.00Flat Fee
Grants34241ART 150G01$10.00Flat Fee
Grants34242ART 151G01$10.00Flat Fee
Grants32747ART 260G01$10.00Flat Fee
Grants30647ART 285G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants32934ART 286G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants35934ART 294G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants29040AUTO 112G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants29041AUTO 117G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants35008AUTO 137G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants29021BCT 105G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants33297BCT 105G40$50.00Flat Fee
Grants33298BCT 105G41$50.00Flat Fee
Grants32755BCT 206G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants34834BCT 206G40$50.00Flat Fee
Grants29024BCT 255G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants32756BCT 290G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants34041BIOL 110GG01$25.00Flat Fee
Grants28901BIOL 226G01$25.00Flat Fee
Grants36189BMGT 110G01$113.00Flat Fee
Grants28903CHEM 110GG01$25.00Flat Fee
Grants29097OEEM 101G01$10.00Flat Fee
Grants29098OEEM 101G02$10.00Flat Fee
Grants31734OEEM 101G40$10.00Flat Fee
Grants31736OEEM 101G41$10.00Flat Fee
Grants22532WELD 115G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants29028WELD 120G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants36287WELD 125G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants22530WELD 130G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants22531WELD 140G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants22534WELD 211G01$50.00Flat Fee
Grants22535WELD 295G01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33948ACCT 503M80$250.00Per Credit
Las Cruces24795AEEC 550M01$18.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24861AG E 450M01$18.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24607AGRO 100GM01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24627AGRO 250M01$60.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22690ANSC 200M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22703ANSC 288M01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22707ANSC 301M01$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces26979ANSC 308M01$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces28173ANSC 310M01$40.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22736ANSC 321M01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22741ANSC 351VM01$15.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22761ANSC 421M01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32861ANSC 425M01$40.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32862ANSC 426M01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35928ANSC 428M01$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces29167ANTH 130GM01$5.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30831ART 110GM01$10.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21215ART 150M05$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces28348ART 150M06$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21221ART 250M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30834ART 250M02$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30836ART 255M03$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35838ART 255M02$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21224ART 260M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21225ART 260M02$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21228ART 265M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30838ART 265M02$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21234ART 270M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21235ART 270M02$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35840ART 270M03$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21238ART 275M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30840ART 275M02$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces32858ART 275M03$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30841ART 280M02$13.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21240ART 285M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26844ART 285M02$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26853ART 350M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30846ART 355M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35839ART 360M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21230ART 365M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35603ART 373M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces36152ART 373M02$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21252ART 374M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21254ART 375M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21257ART 385M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21259ART 401M01$11.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21267ART 450M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30855ART 455M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21232ART 465M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35604ART 470M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21253ART 474M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21256ART 475M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21286ART 485M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21262ART 501M01$11.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21268ART 550M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces34455ART 555M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21233ART 565M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21304ART 570M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21255ART 575M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21287ART 585M01$18.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21310ART 596M01$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces34539ART 596M02$8.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23441AXED 205M01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21620BCHE 341M01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21625BCHE 397M01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22208BIOL 311 LM01$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22209BIOL 311 LM02$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22210BIOL 311 LM03$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22211BIOL 311 LM04$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22212BIOL 311 LM05$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22213BIOL 311 LM06$37.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22214BIOL 313M01$16.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22223BIOL 354M01$64.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32087BIOL 479 LM01$76.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35393BLAW 502M80$250.00Per Credit
Las Cruces21532CHEM 110GM01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21534CHEM 110GM02$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21538CHEM 111GM01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21539CHEM 111GM02$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21541CHEM 111GM03$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21564CHEM 112GM01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21565CHEM 112GM02$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21576CHEM 116M01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21579CHEM 211M01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21592CHEM 315M01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21594CHEM 315M03$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21595CHEM 315M04$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21596CHEM 315M05$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21597CHEM 357M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces21598CHEM 371M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35283CHEM 435M01$6.90Flat Fee
Las Cruces29620CMI 100M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23303CMI 205M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23310CMI 231M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35647CMI 232M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26717CMI 233M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29626CMI 235M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces32011CMI 240M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23314CMI 250M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26719CMI 260M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces31199CMI 280M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26720CMI 290M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces33040CMI 300M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35114CMI 301M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29628CMI 303M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35115CMI 305M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26725CMI 309M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23322CMI 310M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29947CMI 311M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces32012CMI 314M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35817CMI 315M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces31202CMI 318M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces33669CMI 328M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces26726CMI 348M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29724CMI 360M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23325CMI 395M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35116CMI 396M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29723CMI 397M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29731CMI 397M02$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29787CMI 397M03$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29820CMI 397M04$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29821CMI 397M05$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30018CMI 397M06$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces30177CMI 397M07$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces36049CMI 397M08$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces36061CMI 397M09$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces28070CMI 398M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces32015CMI 398M03$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces34439CMI 398M21$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces36375CMI 398M04$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29775CMI 400M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29776CMI 400M02$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces34597CMI 400M03$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces36059CMI 400M07$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces31203CMI 401M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces29667CMI 433M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces35118CMI 450M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces33039CMI 495M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces33360CMI 495M30$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces31205CMI 497M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23348CMI 498M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23349CMI 498M02$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23358CMI 499M01$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces23361CMI 499M02$15.00Per Credit
Las Cruces22540CTFM 270M01$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces29261CTFM 273M01$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30532DANC 204M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces31558DANC 204M02$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30533DANC 205M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30535DANC 206M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24407DANC 304M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30534DANC 305M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30537DANC 306M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24776E S 110GM01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24793E S 312M20$95.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22933E T 312M20$95.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22631FSTE 263GM01$75.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32530FSTE 325M01$75.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35980FSTE 331M01$75.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33918FSTE 421M01$75.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33921FSTE 521M01$75.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35364FWCE 330M02$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35366FWCE 434M01$45.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24239FWCE 437M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces29689FWCE 467M01$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32417FWCE 472M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35566FWCE 482M01$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35569FWCE 534M01$45.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces27547FWCE 537M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30192FWCE 567M01$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24817GENE 305 LM01$75.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20141GEOL 111GM01$4.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces29184GEOL 111GM02$4.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22662HNDS 363M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22664HNDS 363M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24608HORT 100GM01$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24828HORT 241M01$85.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24629HORT 250M01$60.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34451HORT 378M70$60.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22291HRTM 263M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22293HRTM 263M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22304HRTM 363M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35997HRTM 363M03$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22308HRTM 413M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22309HRTM 420M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20210JOUR 302M01$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces29892JOUR 302M02$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20214JOUR 319M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20215JOUR 319M02$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35408MGT 502M80$250.00Per Credit
Las Cruces34203MGT 503M80$250.00Per Credit
Las Cruces36055MKTG 180M01$1,100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20551MKTG 181M01$760.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces36056MKTG 280M01$760.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20552MKTG 281M01$760.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces36057MKTG 380M01$760.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20564MKTG 381M01$535.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces31582MKTG 480M01$535.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces36058MKTG 480M02$535.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33096NURS 294M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34378NURS 294M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34379NURS 294M03$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34380NURS 294M04$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34381NURS 294M05$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34382NURS 294M06$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces26236NURS 324M70$50.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32594NURS 380M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34383NURS 380M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34384NURS 380M03$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34385NURS 380M04$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34386NURS 380M05$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34387NURS 380M06$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35497NURS 380M07$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35498NURS 380M08$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35499NURS 380M09$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32598NURS 398M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34390NURS 398M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34391NURS 398M03$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34392NURS 398M04$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34393NURS 398M05$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34394NURS 398M06$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35500NURS 398M08$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35501NURS 398M09$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35632NURS 467M21$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35633NURS 467M22$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35634NURS 467M23$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35635NURS 467M24$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35636NURS 467M25$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35637NURS 467M26$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35858NURS 467M20$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33628NURS 468M30$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34402NURS 468M31$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34403NURS 468M32$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34404NURS 468M33$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34405NURS 468M34$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34406NURS 468M35$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35502NURS 468M36$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35503NURS 468M37$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35504NURS 468M38$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces26241NURS 476M70$65.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35511NURS 488M01$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35512NURS 488M02$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35513NURS 488M03$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35514NURS 488M04$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35515NURS 488M05$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35516NURS 488M06$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35517NURS 488M07$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35518NURS 488M08$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35519NURS 488M09$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35520NURS 488M10$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35521NURS 488M11$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35522NURS 489M30$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35523NURS 489M31$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35524NURS 489M32$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35525NURS 489M33$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35528NURS 489M36$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35529NURS 489M37$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35530NURS 489M38$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35531NURS 489M39$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35532NURS 489M40$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35533NURS 489M41$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35534NURS 489M42$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35535NURS 489M43$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces36145NURS 489M20$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces36146NURS 489M21$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces36147NURS 489M22$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35536NURS 515M70$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces26219NURS 595M70$65.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33635NURS 662M70$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35541NURS 672M70$100.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces34650P E 150M01$38.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24517P E 263M01$15.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33761P E 263M04$15.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22792RGSC 294M01$12.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22798RGSC 318M01$10.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30752RGSC 357M01$15.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces22809RGSC 460M01$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24891SOIL 252 LM01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24892SOIL 252 LM02$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24896SOIL 312 LM01$45.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35496SOIL 476M01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces32287SP M 271M01$35.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces35307SP M 272M01$111.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24549SP M 330M01$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces24550SP M 330M02$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces33169SP M 330M03$25.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20076THTR 101GM01$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces28929THTR 101GM70$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces28930THTR 101GM71$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces28931THTR 101GM02$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces30198THTR 101GM03$20.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20086THTR 141M01$40.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces20091THTR 142M01$30.00Flat Fee
Las Cruces28248THTR 317M01$50.00Flat Fee