Course Specific Fees Summer 2014

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat Fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

ACCT 503Las CrucesFlat Fee105.00
ANTH 488Las CrucesFlat Fee500.00
ANTH 522Las CrucesFlat Fee260.00
ART 150Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 250Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 260Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 285Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 350Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 385Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 450Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 485Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
B A 590Las CrucesFlat Fee105.00
CHEM 110GLas CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 111GLas CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 112GLas CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CMI 395Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 397Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 398Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 400Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 495Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
HNDS 363Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
HNDS 565Las CrucesFlat Fee600.00
HRTM 363Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
MGT 590Las CrucesFlat Fee105.00
MKTG 480Las CrucesFlat Fee535.00
MKTG 503Las CrucesFlat Fee105.00
NURS 302Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 361Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
NURS 410Las CrucesFlat Fee115.00
NURS 472Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 479Las CrucesFlat Fee115.00
NURS 664Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
SP M 271Las CrucesFlat Fee35.00
THTR 101GLas CrucesFlat Fee20.00
ART 265AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
ART 275AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 276AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 294AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
AUTO 103AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
CHEM 110GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
E T 120AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
NA 101AlamogordoFlat Fee125.00
NURS 155AlamogordoFlat Fee180.00
OEBM 200AlamogordoFlat Fee75.00
OEEM 101AlamogordoFlat Fee15.00
OEEM 115AlamogordoFlat Fee30.00
P E 102AlamogordoFlat Fee15.00
P E 202AlamogordoFlat Fee15.00
BIOL 111GCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BIOL 221Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BIOL 221 LCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BIOL 225Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BIOL 226Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
CHEM 110GCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
NA 101Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NURS 146Carlsbad Flat Fee80.00
NURS 155Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NURS 212Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
OECS 211Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
OECS 215Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
WELD 100Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 105Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 110Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 295Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
DHYG 132Dona AnaFlat Fee400.00
DMS 124Dona AnaFlat Fee175.00
NA 104Dona AnaFlat Fee150.00
ART 285GrantsFlat Fee50.00