Course Specific Fees – Fall 2015

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat Fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

Alamogordo52117AHS 116A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo52119AHS 295A01Flat Fee55.00
Alamogordo40013ART 150A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40014ART 150A02Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40015ART 151A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40016ART 151A02Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40017ART 155A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40018ART 160A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40019ART 161A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40020ART 161A02Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo50709ART 163A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40021ART 252A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40022ART 252A02Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40023ART 260A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40024ART 261A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40025ART 262A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo48760ART 269A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40026ART 275A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40027ART 275A02Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40028ART 276A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40029ART 276A02Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40033ART 294A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40034ART 294A02Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo50710ART 294A03Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo51942AUTO 113A80Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo51943AUTO 114A80Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo48775AUTO 115A80Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo52353AUTO 122A01Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo52354AUTO 209A01Flat Fee100.00
Alamogordo40202BIOL 101GLA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40203BIOL 101GLA02Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40274BIOL 111GLA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40276BIOL 111GLA02Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40283BIOL 211GLA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40287BIOL 221 LA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40288BIOL 225A01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40293BIOL 226A01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40319CHEM 110GA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40320CHEM 110GA02Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40329CHEM 111GA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo52085CHEM 112GA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo40083CMT 115A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40087CMT 216A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo50711CMT 223A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo40098E T 104A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40099E T 104A02Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40100E T 120A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40101E T 120A02Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo48826E T 153A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo48827E T 153A02Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40103E T 183A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40107E T 246A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40108E T 253A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40110E T 273A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40111E T 282A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40112E T 283A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo40338GEOL 111GA01Flat Fee10.00
Alamogordo49598NA 101A01Flat Fee225.00
Alamogordo51352NA 109A02Flat Fee390.00
Alamogordo52114NA 110A01Flat Fee160.00
Alamogordo40134OEBM 200A01Flat Fee75.00
Alamogordo40135OEBM 240A01Flat Fee20.00
Alamogordo49459OEEM 101A80Flat Fee27.00
Alamogordo49460OEEM 101A81Flat Fee27.00
Alamogordo49461OEEM 101A82Flat Fee27.00
Alamogordo49462OEEM 101A83Flat Fee27.00
Alamogordo49463OEEM 101A84Flat Fee27.00
Alamogordo52120OEEM 106A01Flat Fee40.00
Alamogordo49464OEEM 115A01Flat Fee140.00
Alamogordo49730OEEM 115A02Flat Fee140.00
Alamogordo49465OEEM 120A01Flat Fee240.00
Alamogordo49466OEEM 120A02Flat Fee240.00
Alamogordo49732OEEM 155A80Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo52128OEEM 218A80Flat Fee37.00
Alamogordo52129OEEM 219A80Flat Fee37.00
Alamogordo40158OEET 151A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40159OEET 153A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40160OEET 251A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo45132OEET 253A01Flat Fee50.00
Alamogordo40920P E 102A01Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo48684P E 102A02Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo40961P E 202A01Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo48689P E 202A02Flat Fee15.00
Alamogordo40163WELD 102A01Flat Fee175.00
Alamogordo48919WELD 130A01Flat Fee175.00
Carlsbad48777ART 150C11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad50941ART 151C11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad52049ART 155C11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad51391ART 157C11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41505BCIS 110C11Flat Fee15.00
Carlsbad41585BIOL 111GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41586BIOL 111GC11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41589BIOL 221C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41594BIOL 225C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41597BIOL 225C81Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad51504BIOL 225C02Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41600BIOL 226C01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41638BIOL 226C11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41511C S 110C11Flat Fee15.00
Carlsbad41640CHEM 110GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad48771CHEM 110GC11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41657CHEM 111GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41515CMT 140C51Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad52261CMT 140C11Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad41516CMT 142C51Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad41517CMT 145C51Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad41518CMT 145C52Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad51276CMT 170C61Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad50701CMT 175C01Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad50695CMT 180C51Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad52266CMT 180C11Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad50696CMT 190C51Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad51275CMT 205C61Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad49853CMT 227C61Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad50704CMT 230C51Flat Fee40.00
Carlsbad48632E S 110GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad51505ENGR 100C11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41668GEOL 111GC81Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad48787HIT 150C01Flat Fee10.00
Carlsbad44419NA 101C51Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad47422NA 101C21Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52193NA 101C52Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45210NA 109C01Flat Fee55.00
Carlsbad45218NURS 150C01Flat Fee10.00
Carlsbad45222NURS 153C01Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45225NURS 154C01Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45227NURS 155C71Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45231NURS 156C01Flat Fee80.00
Carlsbad45234NURS 211C01Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45236NURS 246C01Flat Fee80.00
Carlsbad45238NURS 258C01Flat Fee80.00
Carlsbad51381OECS 220C61Flat Fee15.00
Carlsbad52190OEEM 150C11Flat Fee175.00
Carlsbad41728PHYS 110GC81Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad41729PHYS 211GC11Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad51507PHYS 215GC01Flat Fee25.00
Carlsbad45769WELD 100C01Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52233WELD 100C41Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45772WELD 105C01Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad51408WELD 105C02Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52317WELD 105C03Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45774WELD 110C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad50790WELD 110C21Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52316WELD 110C12Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45778WELD 125C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45783WELD 130C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52234WELD 130C14Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad45784WELD 140C11Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad51214WELD 150C62Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52269WELD 150C61Flat Fee50.00
Carlsbad52277WELD 295C11Flat Fee50.00
Dona Ana52571BIOL 101GLD85Flat Fee25.00
Dona Ana52572BIOL 101GLD86Flat Fee25.00
Dona Ana52573BIOL 101GLD87Flat Fee25.00
Dona Ana52574BIOL 101GLD88Flat Fee25.00
Dona Ana52575BIOL 101GLD89Flat Fee25.00
Dona Ana42187DAS 115D01Flat Fee175.00
Dona Ana44293DHYG 212D01Flat Fee400.00
Dona Ana51560DMS 126D01Flat Fee175.00
Dona Ana42205NA 104D01Flat Fee150.00
Dona Ana42207NA 104D03Flat Fee150.00
Dona Ana42208NA 104D04Flat Fee150.00
Dona Ana51565NA 104D05Flat Fee150.00
Dona Ana42866NURS 136D01Flat Fee250.00
Dona Ana42879NURS 147D01Flat Fee250.00
Dona Ana42887NURS 149D1BFlat Fee250.00
Dona Ana50384NURS 149D1AFlat Fee250.00
Dona Ana42922NURS 226D01Flat Fee250.00
Dona Ana42970NURS 236D01Flat Fee250.00
Dona Ana42979NURS 236D1AFlat Fee250.00
Dona Ana42200RESP 110D01Flat Fee120.00
Dona Ana45884RESP 230D01Flat Fee120.00
Grants45645ART 150G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants51998ART 151G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants51156ART 286G02Flat Fee50.00
Grants50651ART 294G02Flat Fee50.00
Grants51115ART 294G03Flat Fee50.00
Grants45841AUTO 105G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants52182AUTO 119G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45890AUTO 125G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45891AUTO 126G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45893AUTO 127G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45894AUTO 295G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45895AUTO 295G02Flat Fee50.00
Grants45693BCT 104G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants51435BCT 104G02Flat Fee50.00
Grants51444BCT 104G03Flat Fee50.00
Grants51491BCT 104G04Flat Fee50.00
Grants50617BCT 106G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45832BCT 110G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45695BCT 255G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants52215BIOL 101GLG01Flat Fee25.00
Grants48736BIOL 211GG01Flat Fee25.00
Grants45919BIOL 211GLG01Flat Fee25.00
Grants45920BIOL 225G01Flat Fee25.00
Grants50620CHEM 110GG01Flat Fee25.00
Grants45922CHEM 111GG01Flat Fee25.00
Grants45856ECED 220G01Flat Fee100.00
Grants48676ECED 220G02Flat Fee100.00
Grants50746ELT 160G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45880ELT 175G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants50747ELT 205G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants51433ELT 265G02Flat Fee50.00
Grants52236ELT 265G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants52237ELT 265G03Flat Fee50.00
Grants52329ELT 265GO4Flat Fee50.00
Grants45484OEEM 101G01Flat Fee10.00
Grants45489OEEM 101G02Flat Fee10.00
Grants50064OEEM 101G03Flat Fee10.00
Grants50075OEEM 101G04Flat Fee10.00
Grants48814OEEM 120 LG01Flat Fee65.00
Grants48815OEEM 121G01Flat Fee85.00
Grants48739OEET 115G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants50621PHYS 110GG01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45840WELD 100G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants52096WELD 105G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45837WELD 110G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45838WELD 125G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45839WELD 190G01Flat Fee50.00
Grants45842WELD 295G01Flat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44866AEEC 550M01Flat Fee18.00
Las Cruces44903AG E 450M01Flat Fee18.00
Las Cruces44559AGRO 100GM1AFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44560AGRO 100GM1BFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44561AGRO 100GM1CFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44562AGRO 100GM1DFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44563AGRO 100GM1EFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces47310AGRO 100GM1FFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces51983AGRO 365M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces43777ANSC 100 LM01Flat Fee40.00
Las Cruces43786ANSC 100 LM02Flat Fee40.00
Las Cruces43787ANSC 100 LM03Flat Fee40.00
Las Cruces43796ANSC 190M01Flat Fee350.00
Las Cruces43798ANSC 190M02Flat Fee350.00
Las Cruces43804ANSC 262M01Flat Fee50.00
Las Cruces43812ANSC 290M01Flat Fee350.00
Las Cruces43844ANSC 351VM01Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces43849ANSC 351VM02Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces43866ANSC 423M1AFlat Fee20.00
Las Cruces43867ANSC 423M1BFlat Fee20.00
Las Cruces49053ANTH 130GM01Flat Fee5.00
Las Cruces48217ANTH 378M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces51994ANTH 477M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces51995ANTH 577M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces48218ANTH 578M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41626ART 150M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41627ART 150M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41629ART 150M04Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46273ART 250M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces48234ART 250M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41637ART 255M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49073ART 255M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49074ART 255M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces52533ART 255M04Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41651ART 260M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49406ART 260M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41654ART 265M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces48236ART 265M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49075ART 270M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49076ART 270M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49407ART 270M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46274ART 275M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49077ART 275M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49408ART 275M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49409ART 280M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41673ART 285M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46275ART 285M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49422ART 285M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces52410ART 285M04Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46276ART 350M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41694ART 355M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49078ART 355M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41696ART 365M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces50762ART 365M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49079ART 370M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50236ART 374M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46278ART 375M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49412ART 380M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41704ART 385M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces52449ART 394M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41715ART 402M1APer Credit16.00
Las Cruces41716ART 402M1BPer Credit16.00
Las Cruces41749ART 450M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49080ART 455M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49405ART 455M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces52525ART 455M03Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41700ART 465M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces50237ART 470M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49411ART 473M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces50238ART 474M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46280ART 475M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49413ART 480M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41791ART 485M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41807ART 502M1APer Credit16.00
Las Cruces41808ART 502M1BPer Credit16.00
Las Cruces41809ART 550M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces52565ART 550M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces49562ART 555M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41702ART 565M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41812ART 570M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46281ART 575M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces41816ART 585M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces46266ART 596M01Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces51817ART 596M02Per Credit8.00
Las Cruces50724AXED 105M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces50142AXED 205M01Flat Fee50.00
Las Cruces48266BCHE 341M1AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces48267BCHE 341M1BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41094BCHE 494M1AFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces41095BCHE 494M1BFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces43167BIOL 311 LM07Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces43169BIOL 311 LM01Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces43170BIOL 311 LM02Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces43171BIOL 311 LM04Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces43174BIOL 311 LM05Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces43175BIOL 311 LM06Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces48256BIOL 311 LM03Flat Fee37.00
Las Cruces43176BIOL 312M01Flat Fee29.00
Las Cruces43179BIOL 322M1AFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces43180BIOL 322M1BFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces43181BIOL 322M1CFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces43182BIOL 322M1DFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces47388BIOL 322M1EFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces50568BIOL 465M1AFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces50569BIOL 465M1BFlat Fee35.00
Las Cruces51952BLAW 502M80Per Credit23.00
Las Cruces48190BLAW 527M80Per Credit250.00
Las Cruces41135CHEM 110GM02Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41136CHEM 110GM1AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41137CHEM 110GM1BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41142CHEM 111GM1AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41143CHEM 111GM1BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41144CHEM 111GM1CFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41145CHEM 111GM1DFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41146CHEM 111GM1EFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41147CHEM 111GM1FFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41148CHEM 111GM1GFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41149CHEM 111GM1HFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41150CHEM 111GM1IFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41151CHEM 111GM1JFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41152CHEM 111GM1KFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41153CHEM 111GM1LFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41154CHEM 111GM1NFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41155CHEM 111GM1OFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41156CHEM 111GM2AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41157CHEM 111GM2BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41158CHEM 111GM2CFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41159CHEM 111GM2DFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41162CHEM 112GM1AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41163CHEM 112GM1BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41164CHEM 112GM1CFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41165CHEM 112GM1DFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41166CHEM 112GM1EFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41167CHEM 112GM1FFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41168CHEM 112GM1GFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41169CHEM 112GM1HFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41170CHEM 112GM1IFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41171CHEM 112GM1JFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41173CHEM 115M1AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41174CHEM 115M1BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces51742CHEM 115M1CFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces51743CHEM 115M1DFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41176CHEM 211M1AFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41177CHEM 211M1BFlat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41179CHEM 217M1AFlat Fee9.40
Las Cruces41180CHEM 217M1BFlat Fee9.40
Las Cruces41207CHEM 315M01Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41208CHEM 315M02Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41209CHEM 315M03Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41210CHEM 315M04Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41211CHEM 315M05Flat Fee10.00
Las Cruces41215CHEM 371M1AFlat Fee20.00
Las Cruces41216CHEM 371M1BFlat Fee20.00
Las Cruces41226CHEM 471M01Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces41012CMI 100M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52384CMI 100M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41015CMI 200M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46019CMI 200M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41016CMI 205M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49280CMI 205M03Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41019CMI 216M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49281CMI 216M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50938CMI 220M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41026CMI 231M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49282CMI 232M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49284CMI 235M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49285CMI 235M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50759CMI 240M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41032CMI 250M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46023CMI 260M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46025CMI 270M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46026CMI 280M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46028CMI 303M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52385CMI 305M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49286CMI 308M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46029CMI 309M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49287CMI 309M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41038CMI 310M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50548CMI 311M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50760CMI 311M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50963CMI 314M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46030CMI 315M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41040CMI 318M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41042CMI 328M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41054CMI 332M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50549CMI 341M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41056CMI 348M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces41059CMI 365M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49289CMI 396M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49496CMI 397M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49892CMI 397M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49914CMI 397M03Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50028CMI 397M04Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50034CMI 397M06Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces51317CMI 397M05Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52485CMI 397M07Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52486CMI 397M08Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49290CMI 398M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50550CMI 398M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50551CMI 398M03Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50552CMI 398M04Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50553CMI 398M06Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50554CMI 398M07Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49934CMI 400M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces51040CMI 400M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces51049CMI 400M03Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52445CMI 400M04Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52465CMI 400M05Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52492CMI 400M06Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52004CMI 420M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces48275CMI 450M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces52005CMI 480M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49552CMI 495M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50761CMI 496M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces50555CMI 497M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46036CMI 498M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49292CMI 498M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49293CMI 498M03Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49294CMI 498M04Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49296CMI 498M06Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46046CMI 499M06Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces46050CMI 499M01Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49297CMI 499M02Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49299CMI 499M04Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces49300CMI 499M05Per Credit15.00
Las Cruces45108CTFM 273M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces47366CTFM 273M02Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces45110CTFM 371M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces46309CTFM 384M70Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces45125CTFM 571M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces46310CTFM 584M70Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces44186DANC 204M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces49629DANC 204M02Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces44188DANC 205M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces49441DANC 206M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces44213DANC 304M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces44214DANC 305M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces49443DANC 306M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces44679E S 110GM1AFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44681E S 110GM1BFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44684E S 110GM1CFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces45213FSTE 320M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces50193FSTE 331M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces45221FSTE 520M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces50194FSTE 531M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces50969FWCE 330M1AFlat Fee25.00
Las Cruces50970FWCE 330M1BFlat Fee25.00
Las Cruces52490FWCE 472M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces50579FWCE 482M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces40473GEOL 111GM1AFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40476GEOL 111GM1BFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40480GEOL 111GM1CFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40482GEOL 111GM1DFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40486GEOL 111GM1EFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40490GEOL 111GM1FFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40491GEOL 111GM1GFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40495GEOL 111GM1IFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40506GEOL 111GM1MFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40513GEOL 111GM1OFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces40515GEOL 111GM1PFlat Fee4.00
Las Cruces45250HNDS 363M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45254HNDS 363M1AFlat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45259HNDS 363M1BFlat Fee100.00
Las Cruces52154HNDS 363M02Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces44565HORT 100GM1AFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44566HORT 100GM1BFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44567HORT 100GM1CFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44568HORT 100GM1DFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces44569HORT 100GM1EFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces47312HORT 100GM1FFlat Fee50.00
Las Cruces51986HORT 210M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces51003HORT 211M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces44740HORT 240M01Flat Fee85.00
Las Cruces51211HORT 365M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces51988HORT 485M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces50083HORT 488M01Flat Fee35.00
Las Cruces45008HRTM 263M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45011HRTM 263M02Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45038HRTM 363M1AFlat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45039HRTM 363M02Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45047HRTM 413M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45049HRTM 420M01Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces42942JOUR 302M01Flat Fee35.00
Las Cruces49207JOUR 302M02Flat Fee35.00
Las Cruces42946JOUR 319M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces42950JOUR 319M02Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces51960MGT 503M80Per Credit23.00
Las Cruces51961MGT 512M80Per Credit250.00
Las Cruces44725MKTG 180M01Flat Fee1100.00
Las Cruces44727MKTG 280M01Flat Fee760.00
Las Cruces51361MKTG 281M01Flat Fee760.00
Las Cruces44843MKTG 380M01Flat Fee760.00
Las Cruces44849MKTG 480M01Flat Fee535.00
Las Cruces51772NURS 294M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51773NURS 294M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces46382NURS 322M70Flat Fee50.00
Las Cruces50094NURS 361M60Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces50095NURS 361M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces45093NURS 372M60Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces51297NURS 372M70Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces45095NURS 373M01Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces50793NURS 380M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51777NURS 380M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51782NURS 398M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51783NURS 398M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces46486NURS 410M70Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces49489NURS 410M60Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces46351NURS 426M72Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces46397NURS 426M70Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces45101NURS 472M01Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces51785NURS 472M70Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces45102NURS 479M01Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces51786NURS 479M70Flat Fee115.00
Las Cruces51789NURS 488M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51790NURS 488M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51791NURS 489M01Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51792NURS 489M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces46354NURS 515M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces52489NURS 595M70Flat Fee65.00
Las Cruces51794NURS 660M70Flat Fee100.00
Las Cruces51862P E 150M01Flat Fee38.00
Las Cruces49359P E 263M01Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces49360P E 263M02Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces49361P E 263M03Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces43921RGSC 294M01Flat Fee12.00
Las Cruces51938RGSC 316M01Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces43934RGSC 440M01Flat Fee15.00
Las Cruces43935RGSC 440 LM01Flat Fee35.00
Las Cruces51941RGSC 452M01Flat Fee30.00
Las Cruces44760SOIL 252 LM01Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces44761SOIL 252 LM02Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces44768SOIL 472M01Flat Fee75.00
Las Cruces44769SOIL 477M01Flat Fee40.00
Las Cruces44316SP M 271M01Flat Fee35.00
Las Cruces49366SP M 271M02Flat Fee35.00
Las Cruces44323SP M 273M01Flat Fee45.00
Las Cruces48122SP M 330M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces48123SP M 330M02Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces51158SP M 330M03Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces44345SP M 373M01Flat Fee25.00
Las Cruces44354SP M 423M01Flat Fee26.00
Las Cruces40452THTR 101GM01Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces40453THTR 101GM02Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces40454THTR 101GM03Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces49276THTR 101GM70Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces49277THTR 101GM71Flat Fee20.00
Las Cruces40459THTR 141M01Flat Fee40.00
Las Cruces40464THTR 142M01Flat Fee30.00