Course Specific Fees Fall 2014

Fee assessed individually by course enrolled.
Flat Fee indicates assessment of one-time fee per course enrolled.
Per Credit indicates assessment of fee per course credit enrolled.

AEEC 550Las CrucesFlat Fee18.00
AG E 450Las CrucesFlat Fee18.00
AGRO 100GLas CrucesFlat Fee50.00
ANSC 190Las CrucesFlat Fee350.00
ANSC 290Las CrucesFlat Fee350.00
ANTH 130GLas CrucesFlat Fee5.00
ANTH 378Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
ANTH 477Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
ANTH 497Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
ANTH 508Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
ANTH 577Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
ANTH 578Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
ART 150Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 250Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 255Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 260Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 265Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 270Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 275Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 280Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 285Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 350Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 355Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 365Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 373Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 374Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 375Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 380Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 385Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 450Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 455Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 465Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 470Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 474Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 475Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 480Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 485Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 550Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 555Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 565Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 570Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 575Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 580Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 585Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
ART 596Las CrucesPer Credit8.00
BCHE 341Las CrucesFlat Fee10.00
BCHE 494Las CrucesFlat Fee35.00
BCIS 502Las CrucesFlat Fee105.00
BIOL 311 LLas CrucesFlat Fee37.00
BIOL 312Las CrucesFlat Fee29.00
BIOL 322Las CrucesFlat Fee35.00
BIOL 465Las CrucesFlat Fee35.00
CHEM 110GLas CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 111GLas CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 112GLas CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 115Las CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 211Las CrucesFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 217Las CrucesFlat Fee9.40
CHEM 315Las CrucesFlat Fee10..00
CHEM 371Las CrucesFlat Fee20.00
CHEM 471Las CrucesFlat Fee20.00
CMI 100Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 200Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 205Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 216Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 230Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 231Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 232Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 235Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 250Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 260Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 280Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 305Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 309Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 310Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 311Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 315Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 318Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 328Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 332Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 341Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 350Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 365Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 395Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 396Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 397Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 398Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 400Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 450Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 480Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 495Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 496Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 497Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 498Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CMI 499Las CrucesPer Credit15.00
CTFM 273Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
CTFM 371Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
CTFM 384Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
CTFM 571Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
CTFM 584Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
DANC 204Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
DANC 205Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
DANC 304Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
DANC 305Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
E S 110GLas CrucesFlat Fee50.00
FSTE 263GLas CrucesFlat Fee75.00
FSTE 320Las CrucesFlat Fee75.00
FSTE 331Las CrucesFlat Fee75.00
FSTE 520Las CrucesFlat Fee75.00
FSTE 531Las CrucesFlat Fee75.00
HNDS 363Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
HNDS 567Las CrucesFlat Fee600.00
HORT 100GLas CrucesFlat Fee50.00
HORT 210Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
HORT 211Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
HORT 240Las CrucesFlat Fee85.00
HORT 378Las CrucesFlat Fee60.00
HORT 485Las CrucesFlat Fee75.00
HORT 488Las CrucesFlat Fee35.00
HRTM 263Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
HRTM 363Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
HRTM 413Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
HRTM 420Las CrucesFlat Fee20.00
MGT 502Las CrucesFlat Fee105.00
MKTG 180Las CrucesFlat Fee1100.00
MKTG 280Las CrucesFlat Fee760.00
MKTG 380Las CrucesFlat Fee760.00
MKTG 480Las CrucesFlat Fee535.00
NURS 302Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 322Las CrucesFlat Fee50.00
NURS 326Las CrucesFlat Fee50.00
NURS 361Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
NURS 372Las CrucesFlat Fee115.00
NURS 373Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 380Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
NURS 410Las CrucesFlat Fee115.00
NURS 426Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 472Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 479Las CrucesFlat Fee115.00
NURS 515Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
NURS 595Las CrucesFlat Fee65.00
NURS 660Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
NURS 672Las CrucesFlat Fee100.00
P E 263Las CrucesFlat Fee15.00
SOIL 252 LLas CrucesFlat Fee20.00
SOIL 472Las CrucesFlat Fee75.00
SOIL 477Las CrucesFlat Fee40.00
SP M 271Las CrucesFlat Fee35.00
SP M 273Las CrucesFlat Fee45.00
SP M 373Las CrucesFlat Fee25.00
SP M 423Las CrucesFlat Fee26.00
THTR 101GLas CrucesFlat Fee20.00
THTR 141Las CrucesFlat Fee40.00
THTR 142Las CrucesFlat Fee30.00
ART 150AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 151AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 155AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 157AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 160AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 161AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 163AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 252AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 260AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
ART 261AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 262AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
ART 269AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
ART 275AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
ART 276AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
ART 294AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
ASTR 105GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
ASTR 110GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
AUTO 103AlamogordoFlat Fee100.00
AUTO 115AlamogordoFlat Fee100.00
AUTO 201AlamogordoFlat Fee100.00
AUTO 203AlamogordoFlat Fee100.00
AUTO 204AlamogordoFlat Fee100.00
BIOL 101GLAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
BIOL 111GLAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
BIOL 211GLAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
BIOL 221 LAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
BIOL 225AlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
BIOL 226AlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
BIOL 250AlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
C E 256 LAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 110GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
CHEM 111GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
CMT 115AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
CMT 216AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
CMT 223AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
CMT 290AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
CMT 291AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
E S 110GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
E S 256 LAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
E T 104AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 120AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 183AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 246AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 253AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 273AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 282AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
E T 283AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
GEOL 111GAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
NA 101AlamogordoFlat Fee300.00
NA 109AlamogordoFlat Fee300.00
OEBM 200AlamogordoFlat Fee75.00
OEBM 240AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
OEEM 101AlamogordoFlat Fee20.00
OEEM 115AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
OEEM 120 LAlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
OEEM 121AlamogordoFlat Fee125.00
OEEM 155AlamogordoFlat Fee30.00
OEEM 218AlamogordoFlat Fee30.00
OEEM 219AlamogordoFlat Fee30
OEET 151AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
OEET 153AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
OEET 251AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
OEET 253AlamogordoFlat Fee50.00
OEPT 155AlamogordoFlat Fee40.00
P E 102AlamogordoFlat Fee15.00
P E 202AlamogordoFlat Fee15.00
P E 205AlamogordoFlat Fee15.00
PHYS 211GLAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
PHYS 215GLAlamogordoFlat Fee10.00
WELD 102AlamogordoFlat Fee175.00
WELD 130AlamogordoFlat Fee175.00
AGRO 100GCarlsbad Flat Fee50.00
ART 150Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
ART 151Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
ART 260Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
AUTO 119Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
AUTO 126Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
BCIS 110Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BIOL 111GCarlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BIOL 111GLCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BIOL 221Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BIOL 225Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BIOL 226Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
BOT 101Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BOT 102Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BOT 105Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BOT 106Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BOT 110Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BOT 150Carlsbad Flat Fee10.00
BOT 202Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
BOT 208Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
C S 110Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
CCDS 113 NCarlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CHEM 110GCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
CHEM 111GCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
CMT 140Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CMT 145Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CMT 175Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CMT 180Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CMT 190Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CMT 227Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
CMT 230Carlsbad Flat Fee40.00
E T 182Carlsbad Flat Fee10.00
E T 282Carlsbad Flat Fee10.00
GEOL 111GCarlsbad Flat Fee25.00
HIT 150Carlsbad Flat Fee10.00
NA 101Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NA 109Carlsbad Flat Fee55.00
NURS 150Carlsbad Flat Fee10.00
NURS 153Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NURS 154Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NURS 155Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NURS 156Carlsbad Flat Fee80.00
NURS 211Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
NURS 246Carlsbad Flat Fee80.00
NURS 258Carlsbad Flat Fee80.00
OECS 185Carlsbad Flat Fee25.00
OECS 200Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
OECS 211Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
OECS 215Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
OECS 260Carlsbad Flat Fee15.00
OEEM 120Carlsbad Flat Fee125.00
OEEM 120 LCarlsbad Flat Fee125.00
OEEM 121Carlsbad Flat Fee125.00
OEEM 150Carlsbad Flat Fee125.00
OEEM 150 LCarlsbad Flat Fee125.00
OEEM 151Carlsbad Flat Fee125.00
WELD 100Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 101Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 105Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 110Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 125Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 130Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
WELD 140Carlsbad Flat Fee50.00
DAS 115Dona AnaFlat Fee175.00
DHYG 212Dona AnaFlat Fee400.00
DMS 126Dona AnaFlat Fee175.00
NA 104Dona AnaFlat Fee150.00
NURS 136Dona AnaFlat Fee250.00
NURS 147Dona AnaFlat Fee250.00
NURS 226Dona AnaFlat Fee250.00
NURS 236Dona AnaFlat Fee250.00
RESP 110Dona AnaFlat Fee120.00
RESP 230Dona AnaFlat Fee120.00
ART 150GrantsFlat Fee50.00
ART 294GrantsFlat Fee50.00
BIOL 225GrantsFlat Fee25.00
CHEM 110GGrantsFlat Fee25.00
CHEM 111GGrantsFlat Fee25.00
E S 110GGrantsFlat Fee25.00